Making the most of your non-mesh head

Hello beautiful ones!


Have you been through this?  I tried many different mesh heads.  I ended up buying a few.  I wore one to go out dancing a few times.  I think I looked great!  My friends said I looked great.  But, when it got down to it, we all agreed that despite the lifelike appearance, it just did not feel lively enough in social settings.  So, those mesh heads are just there in my inventory.  I will put them on now and then, but not when I am hanging out with friends.


Don’t get me wrong, these heads look fantastic.  For me the main appeal is the superior texture of the skins.  It also helps that they don’t have any creases that system heads can get with certain shape settings.  The drawbacks are fewer potential facial expressions.  Some have HUD controlled facial expressions, while others have almost no control; at best, these are limited.  Another drawback is that nearly all of them looked cranky.  If you like that look, then you are more likely to like a mesh head.  I am more cheerful than the persona projected when I wear a mesh head.  The final drawback is that there are not nearly as many head shapes as people need to be distinctive.  Many people like to use their own face settings.  Even within the limits that avoid the dreaded creases, the diversity of possible faces is nearly infinite.  I would bet that there are not much more than 100 faces available on mesh heads at this time.  Go to a crowded dance club and you are likely to see 2 or 3 of the same mesh head on any given night.  If you don’t like meeting someone with the same outfit or hair, you really won’t like meeting someone with the same face.  Despite these drawbacks, I know and meet women with mesh heads who are lovely, and loving their Second Life experience with a mesh head.  This is a very personal choice.

If you don’t like mesh heads or you just don’t want to pay for one, here are some tips to help you make the most of your system head.  Choosing the right skin and makeup are crucial.  This is a very personal decision.  But, be sure your skin fits your shape.  The easiest way to do that is to buy a shape and skin that were designed for each other.  The only problem with this is that you start to run into the face-diversity problem again.  If you use a custom setting, watch out for creases.  I have small creases around my mouth, which I feel are suitable for my age.  Creases around the nose are a common problem when people try to have a short nose.  Also, make sure the lipstick and eyeliners of your skin or other makeups sit properly on your lips and eyes.


Another way to make the most of your system head is to purchase mesh ears.  Many are available.  Mine are from Mandala; they have infinite colors so you can match any skin color.


I also recommend an alpha for your teeth.  Parted lips are a great feature that conveys a sense of anticipation or desire.  Many of these are sold as a tattoo layer that paints teeth on your lips.  That can work for a photoshoot without close ups, but a better option is to wear a small alpha layer on your mouth.  You can get a free one from La Baguette.  You can also get inexpensive mesh teeth with the mouth alpha layer from Miss Canning.  An entire mesh mouth can also be used; this allows different mouth shapes outside the possible settings on the system face.  However, a mesh mouth does not work with emotes on a system face.  Which brings me to my next topic – emotes.


If you want to take full advantage of your system face, you might like to use an emote HUD.  This will allow you to make facial expressions.  I use an auto emote HUD that makes expressions based on what you type into local chat.  You can customize these responses, or just set up timed loops of any number of expressions.  Simpler emote HUDs are available for free.


Swimwear for Mesh Bodies

Getting a mesh bikini to fit right used to be a challenge.  I can remember at least one occasion when I spent about an hour resizing the top and bottom, as well as adjusting my shape settings to get a good fit (it is a good idea to save shapes with names for particular outfits).  It was worth it to get the look I wanted.  Now, with mesh bodies, getting a bikini to fit is not a problem.

But, be careful, ladies.  If you search in Second Life Marketplace, using terms like “mesh” and “bikini”, you will not only find mesh bikinis, but you will also find bikini appliers for mesh bodies.  I often use appliers for undergarments.  Less often, I wear them as an outer layer.  There is something to be said for the garments that do not just appear to be tattoos on your skin.  That said… appliers for TheMeshProject bodies can be made to stand away from your skin in “loose” mode, albeit as paper-thin fabric.  Also, mesh appliers may come with mesh add-ons, such as bikini strings, to enhance their look.  These are great ways to make appliers look better.

Here are some examples of mesh swimwear made to fit Maitreya’s mesh body, from Rebel Hope and Maitreya.

Rebel Hope bikini_010 (2) Rebel Hope bikini_013 Rebel Hope bikini_008

Maitrey Caia Swimsuit_001 (2) Maitrey Caia Swimsuit_002 (2)

Mesh Head Satin Top

Satin Top

It’s exciting when something new shows up on the racks at my favorite stores.  When a popular store comes out with a new item, it is not long before I start seeing it at my favorite hangouts.  I have to have it!  It is fun to share in the excitement with my friends, to see how the new clothes look with their body shapes, and how they mix and match it with other clothes and accessories to come up with their own styles.  But, I get just as excited about finding things that look great on me, yet are not being worn at my favorite hangouts.

Here is a great example.  A friend of mine likes to wear a lot of clothes with skulls on them.  If that is your thing, there is no better place to shop than Mesh Head.  I was feeling a bit dark one day, so I went and checked it out.  Among the bones I found a few gems with a more general appeal.  One of them is this satin top.  At 135L, and with an 8 color HUD, you cannot go wrong.  You won’t find Mesh Head at the Second Life Marketplace.  Also, the store is huge.  So, I landmarked the spot where you can find this top (  Once you are there, look around.  You may find a few things you like.  Who knows?  You may decide you could use a few more skull prints in your wardrobe.  Note that Mesh Head does not offer demos, so choose carefully.  Texture quality is not so great on many of their items.  And although these clothes are not designed to fit on mesh bodies, they can be made to fit on one by adjustments to shape and alpha settings (I did not have to do either).  If you select carefully, you can find some unique items that look great!  Also, Mesh Head’s prices are low enough that you are not losing too much if you end up with one that does not work for you.



Addams has quality mesh casuals

Addams clothing appears where people prefer casual, mesh clothing with high-quality textures.  In a market that has mostly been dominated by Maitreya and Blueberry, Addams has made a name for itself with texture quality at the level of ColdLogic, on casuals that are both sexy and comfortable.  You’ll find realistic wrinkles, lots of varieties of colors, and fits for several mesh bodies in this collection.  Also, Addams has one of the better vintage bikinis for mesh bodies.


Addams Clothing_005Addams Clothing_001Addams Clothing_006_004Addams Clothing_003